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next time you throw your supermarket products in the trash, scan the barcode before! and that it!
TrueList will automatically save this products in your shopping list.
and next time you will go to shopping you will never forget to buy something!

Example: if your milk is empty before throwing, scan the barcode on the box, and they'll be added automatically to your shopping list!
this is just the beginning.

-including all fruits and vegetables:
all fruits & vegetables are available in one click away to add

-Family Cloud Sharing:
One list for family!
every time a family member will scan an item, everyone can see it!
if all your family members will continue to scan products, the next time you go to supermarket you will know exactly what is missing in your kitchen!

-Large Database of product (include images):
large social database.
you may know that every database have a limit,
but not TrueList!!!!!
if you will scan a product that not exist in the database, TrueList will search on the internet for it and find it! (with an image)

-Swipe to mark:
easy to use!
just swipe to mark it!


Family Cloud

what is family cloud?
A simple way to share your shopping list with your family.

if you are many people to leave in the same house,
all you need is family cloud to be update everytime
next time someone scan a product, everyone can see it



App info
Category: Shopping
Released: Aug 24, 2017
Version: 1.0
Size: 75.6 MB
Language: English, Hebrew
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later


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